This tutorial will guide you through how to point your NameServers to Sharefaith through your Network Solutions account. NameServers direct all the webpage and email traffic for your domain. By pointing your NameServers to Sharefaith your website will go live and your email will be directed to Sharefaith servers. If you would only like to make your website live, but keep email with your current provider please see: Pointing Network Solutions DNS to Your Website IP Address


Prior to continuing this tutorial your domain should be added in your account in the Hosting Control Panel. Please see the tutorial Going Live with a Domain that You Already Own.



1.  Go to Network Solutions and log into your account 2.  Under My Domain Names click Edit DNS



3.  Click the button that says Change Where Domain Points 


4.  Check the button next to Domain Name Server (DNS) and click continue

5. Click Add More Name Servers

6.  Delete the existing entries and put in the following 3:

7. Click Continue
8. Review the information on the next page to make sure it is correct

 9. Click Apply Changes


After saving those settings, within 24 hours your website and email traffic will be directed to Sharefaith. 

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