These instructions cover setting up email on Mail for Mac. Because we do not have Macs with older OSX's we will only have a tutorial for the newest OS, which as of this date (08/15/2017) is Sierra. This tutorial will also work in El Capitan as well. As new Mac OS' come out, we will add those in other tutorials, not removing this one. Although all operating systems may be different, the email settings will stay the same. Here is a list of information that you will need to put in your email app settings. 

  • The incoming server must be set to, mail.yourdomain (i.e. if your domain is then your inbound server would be
  • The incoming port must be 143 unless you have an ssl (not typical) then it is 993. 110 if using POP3. (not recommended
  • The outgoing server must be set to,
  • The outgoing Port must be set to 587 unless you want to use ssl then it is 465.
  • If you have an IMAP Path Prefix, you must type the word "inbox" into that field, it must all be lowercase letters.
  • Make sure that all of your usernames have your complete email address.
  • Make sure that none of your email addresses have a capital letter in them.

The screenshots include references to Do not use this email, it is only used as an example.

Please note that this tutorial is meant to be an aid for your convenience to assist you in creating an email account and setting up your preferred email client. We cannot offer support further than giving you the correct settings for your email client. To receive support in this system please be sure to contact Apple.

  1. Click on Other Mail Account then on Continue.

  2. In the Name field [1] enter your name. (who you are) In the Email Address field [2] enter your email.
    In the Password field [3] enter your Sharefaith email password, then click Sign In.

  3. In the User Name field [1] enter your Sharefaith Email Address.
    In the Incoming Mail Server field [2] enter mail.yourdomain (i.e. if your domain is then your inbound server would be
  4. Set your Outgoing Email Server [1] to, then click Sign In.

  5. You will get this "error" click on Show Certificate.

  6. Check the Always trust **** [1] check box, then click Continue

  7. Click Done

  8. It will take you to your email inbox.

  9. Click on Mail then on Preferences.

  10. Click on Server Settings.

  11. Uncheck Automatically manage connection settings.

  12. Make sure that your Port [1] is 143 and that Use TLS/SSL [2] is unchecked. (unless you have SSL on your server)
    Then make sure your Authentication field [3] says Password then Click on Advanced IMAP Settings. [4]

  13. In the "IMAP Path Prefix" [1] field enter "INBOX". Make sure the "TLS Certificate" is set to "None". Check "Allow insecure authentication". [2] Then Click "OK". [3]

  14. Click on the Account drop-down.

  15. Select Edit SMTP Server List... 

  16. Make sure that the User Name [1] is your Sharefaith Email, The Password field [2] contains your Sharefaith Email Password,
    the Host Name [3] is Uncheck Automatically manage connection settings. [4]
    Make sure that the Port [5] is set to 587 (or 465 for SSL) and the Use TLS/SSL [5] is unchecked. (unless you want to use SSL)
    Make sure Authentication [6] is set to Password. Finally, click the Advanced tab.

  17. Make sure the TLS Certificate [1] is set to none and Check the Allow insecure Authentication box. [2]  Then click OK 

  18. Now Click Save and you are done!