Sharefaith Kids is designed to be used as a cloud-based curriculum resource that allows you to prepare and teach anywhere with an internet connection. With that said, you may find yourself in a situation without internet access or with a poor wireless signal. For that reason, we provide an offline mode that can be used to download an individual lesson and keep it on your computer for up to 48 hours offline so that you are not dependent on your internet to be able to teach your class. The following instructions will provide all the steps and resources you need to teach offline. 


To use offline mode you will need the following:


  • These steps are the same for both Mac and PC
  • Select the purple Download Offline Lesson button in the top right corner of a lesson.
  • This will download the file you will need to openSharefaith KIDS Offline Network Launcher.jnlp
  • Click to Run the application.
  • You may get a prompt from Java to confirm that you wish to run the application. If so, check the box to tell it not to show you this notification again and click Run.

  • Login to the application using your Sharefaith Kids member email and password. 
  • The Application will launch and save the entire lesson for offline use. 


  • Open the Application by double clicking on the offline Desktop Icon.
  • Double click on the lesson saved in your download manager.


  • Select the purple Download Offline Lesson button in the top right corner of the new lesson.
  • This lesson will download to the download manager and replace the existing lesson.

For a complete visual overview of installing and using Offline Mode, please see our tutorial below.

For Mac Users:

Please note: If you haven't already adjusted your Mac's security settings to allow third party applications to install, you will need to do so before downloading and installing the Java application.

  1. Go to your Mac's System Preferences.
  2. Click on Security & Privacy.
  3. Under the General tab, click the lock at the bottom to unlock the settings so you can make changes. You will need to enter your computer's password for verification when you do this.
  4. Once you can edit the settings, look under the section that says Allow applications downloaded from: and select Anywhere.
  5. You can click the lock to lock your settings again after doing this and you will now be able to install the Sharefaith Kids Java application.

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