Here at Sharefaith, we value your privacy, so keeping your membership account information up-to-date is very important. It ensures that you will be able to get the service you need when you need it. It also ensures that emails from us are sent to the correct email.

Reasons for changing your membership information include:

  • Address change
  • PO Box change
  • Adding additional emails (i.e., webmaster, treasurer)
  • Name change
  • Pastor change
  • Church name change

Whatever the reason for your change, you can easily update your information. 

How to update your Sharefaith membership information:

  1. Log in to using your member email address and password.

  2. Click on "Membership & Billing".
  3. Click the "Account View" button.
  4. Click the "Review Account Info" link.

  5. Click the "edit my personal information" button.

  6. Update each field. It is very important that you fill out as much information as you can in this area because we will use this information to find your account and verify that you can make changes to it over the phone. When you are done, click the "update" button.

    Bonus area! How to update your username and password.

  7. After you have completed step 4, click on the "edit my login information" button.

  8. Fill out each area completely. Update your email (main username) address [1] (if needed). Enter your old password. [2] Enter your new password, [3] then re-enter your new password. [4] Finally, click the "update" button. [5]

Please Note: We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to access If you are experiencing issues switch to one of these browsers. If the issue still persists or you are experiencing your issue while using one of these browsers contact a Sharefaith Customer Liaison Specialist by creating a new support request.