Legacy Purchase a New Domain Name


***If you purchased a domain prior to February 23, 2017, Do NOT follow this Tutorial***

Follow this one instead


When purchasing a new domain, all you have to do is choose a domain name for your church website.


Follow this link to enter your Hosting control panel: https://cp.sharefaithwebsites.net

Locate the email message we sent to you when you first started the website and find your username for the control panel, which will look similar to: s123456. Your original password is in the same email.


Once logged in, find Domain Settings in the left column, then click on Add New Domain. Next, you will click on the EDIT button next to the drop-down that says; "Credit Card". This will allow you to add the credit card that will be charged a $14.00 domain registration fee. The $14.00 fee is an annual fee and will need to be paid each year to keep your domain renewed.






After you have filled out your billing section and added the credit card profile, it will take you back to the Add New Domain screen and you will have a box to specify the domain name you wish to register.

In the section titled "Register A New Domain Name," type in the domain name you would like and choose an extension from the drop down, such as .com, .net, or .org. You will then click Submit to have the system check to see if that domain name is available. Once you find an available domain name, you will be given a choice of how many years you would like to register this name.


Once you complete these steps, your Sharefaith website will go offline temporarily as it is moved to your new domain name and DNS propagates for the new domain. This can take up to 48 hours, but in many cases, only takes a couple of hours.


The links that show up in your Sharefaith account for your website will all be updated with your domain name so that you will be ready to access the site again once it's finished pointing to our servers.


Once the DNS has finished propagating for your new domain name, you will then be able to log into your website admin by adding /login after your domain name. Example: mychurch.com/login

If you want to setup email accounts that have your new domain, click here: Create email accounts for your domain