Domain name you already own

***If you have not purchased a domain prior to February 23, 2017, Do NOT follow this Tutorial***

If you currently have a domain name that you are ready to use with your Sharefaith website, find your username and password for your current registrar. If you are not sure who is the registrar of your domain name, search either or You may have to call the registrar with proof of ownership if the staff person who is listed is no longer at your ministry.

Please take the time to find out who your domain name registrar currently is (i.e. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc...) and have your username and password ready.

Follow this link to enter your hosting control panel:

Locate the email message we sent to you when you first started the website and find your username for the control panel, which will look similar to: s123456. Your original password is in the same email.

Once logged in, find Domain Settings on the left column. Then click on Add New Domain.

Enter the domain name in the box you see below that has the "www." in front of it.


After adding the domain name you own, you will now need to point to that domain from your registrar. Then, choose one of the following options:

Once you have that access established, you will need to determine which way you need to “point” this domain name to the Sharefaith servers. 


If you have personalized email addresses that have your ministry domain name in them (example: is your domain and you have email addresses, such as and you want to keep the current email provider instead of using Sharefaith’s email servers, then you will want to change what is called the "A Name" record with your registrar. For us, it will be the IP Address, see the bellow example on where to find it:



If you wish for us to host your DNS and email simply change your nameservers to the following:

The change can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate, after the new site shows for your domain name you can log into the site by adding /login to the end of your domain.