Domain Transfers

If you are planning on transferring a domain name that you already own to Sharefaith to manage for you, you will need to do the following:

  1. Add the domain name into your hosting control panel as a domain that you already own. You can view a tutorial for that, here.
  2. Add a billing profile into your hosting control panel for the $14.00 domain transfer fee. We have to pay to register the domain for you on our side so this covers that fee and extends your domain registration for another year. You can view a tutorial for updating your billing profile, here.
  3. Request a transfer authorization code (sometimes referred to as an EPP key) from your current domain registrar.
  4. Fill out the transfer request form

You will receive a confirmation email from our hosting team. Once the transfer is initiated, allow 7 days for the process to complete and for your new site to display under the domain name. 

If you plan to host your email accounts through Sharefaith as well, be sure to check out our tutorial on creating email accounts, here.

If you plan to continue hosting your email addresses that use your domain name through your current email service (e.g. Google Apps, Office 365, etc.), you will need to obtain the necessary DNS records for those and send those to a Sharefaith Member Coach. This way, we can have everything in place for you before your domain transfer finalizes. 

If you need any further assistance, please contact our Member Coaches at

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