Every church's needs are different, and we at Sharefaith understand this. 

You may be a church that likes to have one sermon player on your website with all of the sermons in it, but want the series broken up in your mobile app. 

Or, you may just want to make sure you have your series broken up on your website and are curious how it will be broken up into your app. 

Either way, it all hinges on your understanding of how sermons are pulled onto the app from your website. 

If you do not already have a working knowledge of how to add sermons and sermon players to your site, or you just need a refresher, check out the following two tutorials.

    Church Websites: Sermons, Audio & Podcasting: Add a Sermon Player or Playlist to Your Site

    Church Websites: Sermons, Audio & Podcasting How to Upload and Edit a Sermon

Now that you know how to add a sermon player, add sermons to your website, and assign them to a preacher and category, you may proceed!

It is important to understand that no other player will be available to select in the sermon section of your app until you actually make a player for that preacher or series. 

For example: if you have 40 sermons to put on your website broken into 10 series, you would probably like to have them display on your app as 10 different series so that your congregation can easily find the sermons that they need. You will need to have all 10 series as a playlist on your website. Then they will show up in your app builder where you can select them and add them to your actual app.

If you want people to get a notification every time you set up a new sermon series, you will need to add the player and create the series, preacher, or both* depending on your preference. Then save that player, go to your app builder, select that sermon series, and save your selection. After this, you can add your sermons to the player.
*We recommend that you pick one or the other, not both. You can still have a preacher and series attached to your individual sermons, however, for display purposes choose either sermon or preacher to prevent sermons not showing up in the correct player.

Follow either of the steps below to achieve the best results.

  1.  Create pages with your different series on them and add a sermon player that fits the page made.
  2. Create a page under the "additional pages" section that will allow you to add each sermon series to that page. We typically recommend calling this page, "App Sermons." 

Once you have done either one of these, you are ready to select sermons in your app builder for display on your mobile app.

Please Note: We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to edit/update your Sharefaith Church Website and Mobile App. If you are experiencing any issues with editing your Sharefaith Church Website or Mobile App, switch to one of these browsers. If the issue still persists or you are experiencing your issue while using one of these browsers contact a Sharefaith Customer Liaison Specialist by creating a new support request.