Please Note: Due to an upgrade in security measures with Song Select we have added a new update that must be manually downloaded and installed. 
Please see this tutorial: Sharefaith Presenter: Installing and Troubleshooting: Manual Update to 3.0.0

If you have a purchased license of Sharefaith Presenter but do not have a Sharefaith membership we encourage you to become a member again and regain access to our growing library of over 80,000 graphics! Just click here to rejoin! 

If you want to wait to rejoin, no worries just follow the few steps below and you will have a fresh install of Presenter on your PC.

  1. Click "Presentation Software"

  2.  Click "Account Access"

  3. Enter the email you used to purchase your license, confirm the Captcha, then click "See My Account."

  4. Click "Download Options"

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click download on the most recent Version.

  6. Once downloaded, Right-click and select Extract All. Then install from the Unzipped folder and you are done.