These instructions cover setting up your email on the Windows Mail and Calendar App for Windows 10. Because we do not have older versions of Windows we will only have a tutorial for the newest Version of the Windows Mail and Calendar App which as of this date (08/30/2017) is Windows 10. This tutorial may work with older versions, however, that is not guaranteed. If you have an older version of the Windows Mail and Calendar App please contact Microsoft for support. As new versions come out, we will add those in other tutorials, not removing this one. Although all of the versions may be different, the email settings will stay the same. Here is a list of information that you will need to put in your email app settings. 

  • The incoming server must be set to, mail.yourdomain (i.e. if your domain is then your inbound server would be
  • The incoming port must be 143 unless you have an ssl (not typical) then it is 993.
  • The outgoing server must be set to,
  • The outgoing Port must be set to 587 unless you want to use ssl then it is 465.
  • Make sure that all of your usernames have your complete email address.
  • Make sure that none of your email addresses have a capital letter in them.

The screenshots include references to Do not use this email, it is only used as an example.

Please note that this tutorial is meant to be an aid for your convenience to assist you in creating an email account and setting up your preferred email client. We cannot offer support further than giving you the correct settings for your email client. To receive support in this system please be sure to contact Microsoft

  1. Open your Mail and Calendar App.

  2. Click, Add account.

  3. Now Click on Advanced setup.

  4. Enter your Sharefaith email address, [1] your name, [2]  and your Sharefaith email password. [3] Then click Sign in. [4]

  5. Now, enter your Sharefaith email address, [1] your user name [2]  (which is your Sharefaith Email Address),
    your Sharefaith email password. [3] Then scroll down.

  6. After you have scrolled down, enter your Account name. [1] (Again, this is your Sharefaith email address.)
    Enter the name that you want your emails to be sent as (eg, Pastor So And So) [2]
    Now you will enter your Incoming Email Server and then your port separated by a colon. [3]
    For IMAP (recommended) it is mail.yourdomain:143. For POP3 (not recommended) it is mail.yourdomain:110
    Now select your Account type [4] (IMAP4 is what we recommend) now scroll down to the last field.

  7. You will see the Account Type. [1] Now you will enter your Outgoing (SMTP) Email Server and then your port separated by a colon. [2]
    For IMAP (recommended) it is For POP3 (not recommended) it is the same
    By default, all boxes will be checked. Keep the top two boxes checked [3] and uncheck the bottom two. [4] Now click Sign in. [5]
  8. Now click Done.

  9. You will be directed to your mailbox. You can now begin sending and receiving your emails.