Editing the 404 Template

Navigate to Templates > Morning Star | 404 > click "Edit with Elementor."

The 404 Page is made up of various Widgets and Sections.

  1. Column 1:
    1. Icon
  2. Column 2:
    1. Search Form
    2. Buttons
  3. Section Background
  4. Publishing Note

1. Column 1

Editable Content

  1. Icon: This widget automatically allows you to add an icon and styled text.

2. Column 2

Editable Content

  1. Search Form: This widget automatically allows the user to search the site.

  2. Buttons: Button Widgets are used, linking to various pages on the site.

3. Section Background

Shown with a Background image and Background Overlay.

Publishing Note

Note: This template uses "Display Conditions" to cause it to show up when an incorrect URL is entered. To learn more about Display Conditions, check out this article by Elementor: Conditions.