Editing the 404 Template

Navigate to Templates > Theme Builder > Hope | 404 > click "Edit with Elementor."

The 404 Page is made up of various Widgets and Sections.

  1. Columns 1-3
    1. 3 separate Headings (404)
  2. Column 4: 
    1. Heading (Oops...)
    2. Heading (We can't find...)
    3. Search Form
    4. Buttons
  3. Section Background

1. Columns 1-3

Editable Content

  1. Three columns are used to create the overlapping 404 design. Each number uses a Heading Widget with a different color applied.

2. Column 4

Editable Content

  1. Heading Widgets are used for the title and message.

  2. This widget automatically allows the user to search the site.

  3. Buttons: Button Widgets are used, linking to various pages on the site.

3. Section Background

A Border is used to create the blue frame and make the content feel like it is floating in the middle of the page. You can edit this by selecting the Section, navigating to the "Style Tab" and opening the "Border" menu.