Editing the About Us Template

To edit the page go here: 

Navigate to Pages > About Us > click "Edit with Elementor."

To edit the template go here: 

Navigate to Templates > Transformation | About Us > click "Edit with Elementor."

The About Us page is made up of various Sections.

  1. Transformation | Sub-Page Header
  2. Two-Column Section
    1. Line Divider
    2. Title
    3. Image
    4. Text Editor
    5. Image
  3. Three-Column Section
    1. Title
    2. Button

1. Transformation | Sub-Page Header Section

To edit the Section Template, navigate to Templates > Transformation | Sub-Page Header Section > Click "Edit with Elementor." (Note this will modify the template used across your website, not just the header on the About Us page).  

Use the navigator to click into the header section. You will find this in the bottom left-hand panel of your site editor. 

When you click into the navigator it will float over your page by default. But, if you want it to stay on the left side of the screen, all you need to do is click on the Navigator header and drag it to the right side of the page.

After you have clicked into the "Section" tab there at the top, you will be able to access your section's controls in the left-panel. 

Editable Content:

  1. Left Column
  2. Title
  3. Right Column
  4. Section Background: This is currently using an image.

2. Two-Column Section

This section is not a template itself. It is a standard two-column section with a few widgets placed into each column. 

Column 1: 

- Line Divider

- Title

- Photo

Column 2: 

- Text Editor

- Photo

3. Call to Action Mid Section Strip

This section is not a template itself. It is a standard three-column section with a few widgets placed into the middle column. 

Column 1: 

- Empty

Column 2: 

- Title

- Button

Column 3: 

- empty

That's it! Feel free to add more information on the page for your ministry. 

The header and footer can be edited on any page directly or separately. Info on how to do that is covered in another help article.