Navigate to Templates > Mosaic | Leadership > click "Edit with Elementor"

The leadership template is made of of several rows of leaders which can be deleted or duplicated for your own staff page.

1. Mosaic | Heading Section

2. Mosaic | Leaders Section

1. Mosaic | Heading

To match this page style of the heading here, a row is added from template:

Click the + then choose heading:

Double click, change the heading to Leadership or similar title.

2. Mosaic | Leaders Section

To edit the Section Template, navigate to Templates > mosaic | Leaders Section > Click "Edit with Elementor"

When you build a section like this make sure to add content that should go together in one column. Note the photo is the same area as the heading and text block below so they stay together on mobile phone view.

Change one individual text/heading cell’s color using the style section. (For changing it for all such headings see style kit tutorial)

The headings can be main headings (h1,h2) or sub sub headings (h3,h4,h5,h6), such as the smaller text on this page for each cell (h5):

Headings and paragraphs look better with some margin around them, this can be set in advanced while keeping related headings right next to each other. Just set individually the bottom and top: