Navigate to Templates > Grace | Sermons > Click "Edit with Elementor"

The sermons template shows how to add rows of video and/or podcasts:

1. Grace | Sermons Section

1. Grace | Sermons Section

To edit the Section Template, navigate to Templates > Grace | Podcast-Video Section > Click "Edit with Elementor"


Image (Small style element for heading, set to Advanced -> Positioning -> width="inline"

Heading (also set to Advanced -> Positioning -> width="inline")

Sermon section:

This requires an account set up on

For information on using Sermon Cloud, check out these articles:

  1. Church Websites - Elementor: Widgets: Create a Sermon Cloud Account
  2. Church Websites - Elementor: Widgets: Sermon Cloud

If you are wanting to link a podcast, that is an RSS link for Gpodder/iTunes or others, you can find that link within the Sermoncloud admin's connect page, under its location link: