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1. Header Section

The header section includes: 

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      1. Sub-title
      2. Title
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      4. Description


2. Events Section

Your Sharefaith Elementor website comes with Modern Events Calendar Lite which is an added plugin. It comes with tons of great free features that work already with your new site. If you wish to upgrade to their premium version, you can do that directly with them through their plugin or website. We do not offer support on the specifics of M.E. Calendar; however, can point you to their support website here. 

The section includes: The events viewer

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  1. Large Section
    1. Single Column
      1. MEV Events Selector

Modern Events Manager in Wordpress Dashboard

All of your events management activity lives in the WordPress dashboard. You can see it in the M.E. Calendar Menu on the left navigation panel. 

The main screen is the dashboard/M.E. Calendar page for your events, but in order to manage (add and edit) your events, you will need to go to All Events just below the main menu item. 

If you want to customize your events' views, you can do that on the Shortcodes page of your events manager.

And you're done! 

That's it! Feel free to add more information on the page for your ministry. 

The header and footer can be edited on any page directly or separately. Info on how to do that is covered in another help article.