Edit and Manage your events using Modern Events Calendar

Your website is set up using a 3rd party plugin called, Modern Events Calendar. It is using the lite version which covers all the primary needs for your ministry's events. 

In this tutorial, we are going to cover a couple of tips to help you get started.

First, find your Modern Events Calendar Plugin pages in the left menu of your Wordpress website manager. There you will see something named, M.E. Calendar. Everything you need to manage your events exist here. Let's start with how to view your events. 

1. Important places

There are two main areas you may want to use while you're becoming familiar with M.E. Calendar. 

  1. All Events

  2. Shortcodes - This is where you can use and customize the way your events display on your website. 

2. Main Screen to view events

On the left menu, notice the All Events page. These are where all of your events are saved. Repeating events, single events, and all. They are saved here and appear similar to how your pages, templates, and blog posts appear in a table list.

3. Add a new event

From this screen, you can click to add an event in two different places. 

4. Import your events from somewhere else

Near the bottom of the M.E. Calendar navigation, click on the Import/Export navigation item. Here, you can bring in an existing calendar from your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Facebook, Meetup, and others. If you want to use the Sync feature, you will need to upgrade to the pro version. Included in the lite version in a one-way import and export.  

5. Using shortcodes

When you click to view your events shortcodes, you will see a list of them like this. 

These are configurations for how you want your events to appear on your website. You can be as simple or custom as you wish using these shortcodes. When you click into edit the shortcode you will find some options ready for you to make your choices.

Click the "Skin" dropdown to view the options available:

If you want to see what the events display will look like, you can add the M.E. Calendar widget to an area on any page and make your selection from the settings dropdown menu.

6. Support

M.E. Calendar has its own comprehensive support resource for you right from inside of the Wordpress dashboard.