Editing the Single Post Template

Navigate to Templates > Grace | Post Template > click "Edit with Elementor."

A specific post template is built using the steps here. On the one included on this theme, you can see heading, post info, post content have been added, 

The Single Post page uses a Single Post template and is made up of various Widgets and Sections. Within the dashboard it is in the "theme builder" and lets you change the display of every individual blog post:


Left column:

1.     Feature Image - Image shown here will be that particular post's featured-image.

Right Column:

1.    Post Title

2.    Post Info

3.    Post Content

Note that this is editing the style of every single-post-view, and you can change, for example, stylized underline on every post title with the border.

The margin is outside of the border and the padding can increase the inner area or colored area as shown.