Editing the Header

Navigate to Templates > Grace | Header > click "Edit with Elementor"

The header is composed of three columns:

  1. Logo

    1. Church Websites - Elementor: How to set your Site Logo and Title

    2. note that this logo is made to be more of the header area by removing the padding from this column

      1. Nav Menu Widget

        1. This widget shows the main menu on your site

        2. For more information on menus please see Wordpress' documentation page.

      2. Give button

        1. This column shows an example of adding one or two buttons to guide users to a promoted page. Note that the yellow and dark color highlighting this element are found in the style tab with button selected. To change one button make changes to the hover and normal tabs here:

    3. Or to change the color of all uncustomized buttons in general, use style kit.

        1. Make sure the spacing and look of this is what you want in mobile and tablet view using the tools to the bottom left:

    4. On tablet or mobile view, depending on the buttons or content width of your final content you may want to change these column widths: