Editing Blog Template

Navigate to Templates > Redeemer | Blog > click "Edit with Elementor"


1. Redeemer | Blog Section

    (3 rows for 6 chess board styled posts)

Redeemer | Blog Section

To edit this template navigate to Templates > Redeemer | Blog Section -> Click "Edit with Elementor"

This section achieves a chess board blog effect with several post areas within a section with no gap for the “Columns gap” setting. Latest two posts are shown in one row, with two columns of posts, image position to the left, 50% split:

Next row is set to image position right, with Images positioned to right of text.

With a third row left below. The second row and the third row show the third and fourth, fifth and sixth newest posts due to the Query exclude “offset” option set to 2, or 4 respectively:

Paddings and spacing are adjusted in the style tab, and if you make many adjustments to this you may right click the posts area, “copy” and “paste style” to make it consistent.

Below the three posts you’ll see a simply two-column split posts view, that displays correctly on mobile. The advanced -> responsive area shows this is hidden for all but mobile view, while the above rows are hidden on mobile view. This makes a responsive well working layout with one of the two areas showing.