Gulf Coast Header 

To edit the template go here: 

Navigate to Templates > Theme Builder > Gulf Coast | Header > click "Edit with Elementor."

The section includes several editable widgets


  1. Column
    1. Social Icons
  2. Column
    1. Image (Church Logo)
  3. Column
    1. Search Form
  4. Column
    1. Nav Menu

Section: (Appears on Mobile Only. This is why it looks faded when viewing on a desktop view)

  1. Column
    1. Social Icons 

Image tips: To remove the border, overlay and hover border set by the website's Style Kit, modify those settings in each image you wish to change. 

Image settings may appear like this. Be sure to modify both the normal state and hover state. Click on the pencil icon. Elementor will modify the settings to default and remove the previously set style guide.