Editing the 404 Template

To edit the template go here: 

Navigate to Templates > All Saints | 404 > click "Edit with Elementor."

The 404 template is made up of various Widgets.

  1. Narrow Content Width Section
    1. Icon Widget
    2. Heading Widget
    3. Heading Widget
    4. Search Form Widget
    5. 3 Button Widgets
  2. Section Background

1. Narrow Content Width Section

This page has a single column set at 600px wide max. To edit the width, select the Section > navigate to the Layout Tab > adjust the "Content Width" slider.

Icon Widget

Heading Widget

Heading Widget

Search Form Widget

Button Widgets

These buttons are able to be on the same line because we have set them to use "inline" positioning. To make this position change, go to the Advanced Tab, click Positioning, and select "Inline (auto)" from the "Width" drop-down menu.

Section Background: This is currently using Background Image and Background Overlay